Ranga Steel & Agencies

Primarily we are importing of textile machineries in spinning, weaving and accessories

We import second hand spinning & weaving machineries for our Indian customers
We also source complete Rieter spinning unit with or without compact

Import of second hand spinning machineries :
1. Import of used complete Rieter spinning plant with & without autodoffers – 10,000 - 50,000 spindles

2. Individual machines like:
               - Trutzschler/Rieter Blowroom – Lap / Chute feed
               - Trutzschler DK 740, 760, 780, 803, 903 cards
               - Rieter Draw frame – RSB 851, 951, D30, D33, D35
               - Roving frame – Rieter F1/1A, F5 with 120 spindles
               - Comber – Rieter E7/4, E7/5, E60, E65 with or without Unilap
              - Ring frame
                          – Rieter G5/1, 70 or 75 mm gauge, 960/1008 spindles with SKF Drafting
                          – Rieter G33, 70 or 75 mm gauge, 1008/1400 spindles with K44 compact
               - Autoconer – Schlafhorst 238, 338, Magazine or autofeed
                                    Murata 7V, Murata 21C
                                    Savio Espero & Espero L

Import of second hand weaving machineries :
1. Used Sulzer Projectile looms – model TW11, PU, P7100, P7150, P7200, PS 3600
                                                  Width : 110”, 130”, 153” cam & dobby
2. Airjet looms – Picanol Omni & Omni plus, Toyoda, Tsudakoma
                         Width : 190 cm – 340 cm cam & dobby
3. Rapier looms for Towel & madeups
                          Model : Somet, Vamatex, Dornier
                          Width : 220 cm, 230 cm, 280 cm dobby with 4 – 8 colors


We source all type of knitting machine i.e Circular and flat knitting machine.
The machine like single Jersey, interlock, autostripper with any gauge and any diameter is available.
The Knitting machine that we can source are Terrot, Mayer and Cie, Ph long, etc.
Machines Calendering, Folding Rotary printing, Screen printing, Compacting are available at cheaper price.


Import of Second hand Dyeing and finishing Machine :
1. Ht/Hp, Atmospheric soft flow, rope dyeing for yarn and fabric
2. Stenter and dryer
3. Beninger sizing & warping machine - 1800 MM – 4000 MM
4. Sucker Muller sizing & warping machine - 1800 MM – 4000 MM
5. Fabric checking machine
6. Rotary printing machine

We import spares for Picanol air jet, Picanol rapier, Picanol shuttless, such as Picanol delta, Picanol omni, Picanol gamma, Picanol gtx and Sulzer projectile looms.

We are authorized representatives for Sunmien Mechanical Co Ltd, Taiwan who are leading manufacturer of Autodoffers for Ring frames.
This Autodoffer can be retrofitted in any ring frames such as Lakshmi, G5/1, LR6, LR6/s, LR6/A, Rieter & etc.

Advantages of Sunmien Auto Doffers :
             Reduce Labour
             Improves Quality – no touching of cops by human
             Can be fitted on any Lakshmi G5/1, LR6 frames with very minimum changes
             Improves life time of spindles & empties.

Industrial Equipment Division :
             (i) Used diesel engine generators – 100 KW - 10 MW
             (ii) Used Windmill – 250 KW - 2000 KW
             (iii) Industrial power plants - Upto 500 MW - Coal/ Oil/ Gas fired

We at Ranga Group of Companies have made professional tie-ups with top 5 leading Chinese EPC contractor for supply of complete power plants on Turn-key basis.

Supply scope include the following:

1. Coal based thermal power plants : 10MW-1000MW (super critical technology, UMPP)
2. Hydroelectric Power Plant : Up to 500MW
3. Wind Power Plants (Windmill ) : Up to 200MW
4. Solar Power Plant: Up to 100MW
5. Geothermal Power Plant : 10MW-200MW
6. Waste Heat recovery System (WHRS) : Up to 50MW depending on the size and capacity of parent plant (e.g. Cement plant, Glass manufacturing plant, steel plants etc.)

Added advantage, financing / funding can be arrange through Chinese banks at attractive rates on long term basis.